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            6000 Koper
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Photos: Ubald Trnkoczy; Property of Municipality of Koper .


City HOTEL VODIŠEK in the center of Koper is known for its excellent price/quality ratio
which satisfied true guests repeatedly say.

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The virtual view from the hotel

City hotel Vodišek, situated in the business centre of Koper, near sports hall and stadium, offers a safe and delightful temporary abode for your stay during business trip, holiday or sports events, in 35 rooms (free Wi-Fi, air condition, cable TV, radio, direct phone connection, safe, phone...) Rich breakfast buffet, a good coffee and friendly people. Pleasant and cozy three stars hotel.

  • A rich buffet breakfast in a homely setting.

  • A restaurant with daily fresh fish and other sea food specialities, even those who would like a salad from the salad bar or bite into a juicy steak will not go hungry.

  • The peaceful location of the hotel offers pleasant relaxation in rooms equipped with all the modern comforts.

  • A selection of 35 rooms offers accommodation to large groups, athletes, businessmen or companies, artists and others.

  • Kind and helpful hotel staff will be pleased to recommend you entertainment, trips or culture events, and will do its best to make you remember the hotel.

  • The hotel was renovated in 2010.

Why visit Koper ?

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Koper has been known by many names during its long and turbulent history. As an island separated from the mainland by a canal, it was called Aegida by ancient Greek sailors, Capris by the Romans (who found it being used to raise goats) and Justinopolis by the Byzantines. The Patriarchs of Aquileia, who took over the town in the 13th century and made it the base for their estates on the Istrian peninsula, renamed it Caput Histriae – Capital of Istria – from which its Italian name Capodistria is derived. They fortified the town and erected some of Koper’s most beautiful buildings, including its cathedral and palaces.

Koper’s golden age came during the 15th and 16th centuries under the Venetian Republic. Trade increased and Koper became the administrative and judicial centre for much of Istria. It also had a monopoly on salt, which Austria so desperately needed. But when Trieste, 20km to the northeast, was proclaimed a free port in the early 18th century, Koper lost its importance.

Between the world wars Koper was controlled by the Italians, who launched a programme of Italianisation. After the defeat of Italy and Germany in WWII the disputed Adriatic coast area – the so-called Free Territory of Trieste – was divided into two zones. Under the 1954 London Agreement, Zone B and its capital, Koper, went to Yugoslavia while Zone A, including Trieste, fell under Italian jurisdiction.
Up to 25, 000 Italian-speaking Istrians fled to Trieste, but 3000 stayed on in Koper and other coastal settlements. Today Koper is the centre of the Italian ethnic community of Slovenia, and Italian is widely spoken here.



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City HOTEL VODISEK Koper, Slovenia
City Hotel Vodisek in the center of Koper in Slovenia is known for its excellent price/quality ratio which satisfied true guests repeatedly.

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